GrantDesk and scientifyRESEARCH team up to offer end-to-end funding solution

The partnership allows researchers to find funding opportunities, then apply to them in one unified workflow

12th October 2023

GrantDesk and scientifyRESEARCH have joined forces to make the business of applying for academic research grants simpler, quicker, and more successful. With the best-in-class academic funding database, scientifyRESEARCH helps researchers find the best sources of funding available. With smart search filters, it allows researchers to identify eligible grants according to their unique needs such as career stage, geography, nationality, and subject areas. GrantDesk’s application co-creation process then increases the chances of funding for researchers by pairing the researcher with a grant expert for that funding opportunity. Read the official press release here.

A perfect match

It was a logical extension of each offering that we joined up. Researchers find the funding with scientifyRESEARCH, and then secure the funding with GrantDesk. We are both committed to decreasing the time it takes for prospective PIs to secure the funding they need for their research.

Whilst there are many platforms that claim to offer funding search functionality, only SR have granular metadata on every element of a funding programme call so that you can filter opportunites accurately and even set up a daily alert for new programme calls as they are added and match your personal profile.

How it works

Your GrantDesk membership now includes an annual scubscription to scientifyRESEARCH's Premium Individual plan, which allows you to take full advantage of SR's focussed search tool. When you find a suitable funding opportunity, you can then link through to GrantDesk to start co-creating your application with our grant experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about the grant experts? Who are they?

The grant experts are people who are either multiple successful applicants, reviewers, or former employees of grant awarding bodies. They work with in-house grant writers and project managers to get your application shipshape in record time.

Which subject areas do you support?

For now, bio/med/health are the first areas we support.

Which funders do you support?

NIH, NSF, ERC, UKRI, NSERC, CIHR - but others may be an option. Let's talk.

Do you guarantee success?

We don't guarantee success, as all grant applications are subject to the whims of reviewers and councils at each funding body. However, we do bring insights to the review process for each funder and have in-depth knowledge of what makes an application successful in recent years. BUT sometimes even that isn't going to be enough. If it isn't successful, we move on to the next opportunity. We still need to pay our experts, so there is no refund, but we offer their services at below market rates, so that they are affordable for you to pick up again for the next application.